Use Cases

  • ElasticDrive CDP is a service that captures changes to data to a separate storage location. There are multiple methods for capturing the continuous changes involving different technologies that serve different needs. ElasticDrive CDP-based solutions can provide fine granularities of restorable objects ranging from crash-consistent images to logical objects such as files, mail boxes, messages, and database files and logs.
  • ElasticDrive supports high speed block-level replication which enables the movement of transactional workloads such as mail servers and database servers. With block-level transfer, only the portion of a file that has changed is replicated making it ideal for incrementally synchronizing large database servers and enabling efficient offsite data transfers.
  • Perform anywhere-to-anywhere workload migrations with broad multiplatform support. Move and protect all workloads regardless of hardware, operating system or virtual host.
  • Protect all workloads in the data center with live incremental replication. Implement flexible, efficient and affordable workload protection and recovery solutions.
  • Virtual Tape Backups (VTL) ElasticDrive can be configured to act as VTLs or disk-based arrays that are configured to look like tape libraries to enable offsite backup.
  • Instant Recovery of Data. If a local site experiences failure or downtime, it can recover its data from a emote site. Once the facilities at the local site are fixed, the data can be written back to the local site o resume operations.