ElasticDrive is a Distributed Remote Storage System.  It provides the ability for a remote storage resource such as Amazonís Simple Storage Service (S3) to look like a local device in Linux, allowing a cheap and safe real-time mirror to be constructed. ElasticDrive allows for an instant  snapshot of any logical volume for the purpose of backing up of data in a consistent state without compromising availability. This provides access to a file system as it appeared at any point in time with the ability to easily roll back, migrate or access from any web connected device. Distributed transactional caching maintains consistent access to the file system across any number of physical and virtual server environments.
Instantly Backup Local Data to a Remote File SystemIn addition to local site physical and virtual server protection, ElasticDrive Remote Storage extends data protection to remote sites using secure & powerful data replication.
Fully Customizable & Expandable Network Hard drive ElasticDrive can leverage cost-effective local & remote disks to augment daily tape backup systems with continuous protection. This minimizes data loss during the day and maximizes business continuity.
Instant Recovery of DataIf a local site experiences failure or downtime, it can recover its data from a remote site. Once the facilities at the local site are fixed, the remote replicated data can be written back to the local site to resume operations.
Network Block DeviceConfigure Elasticdrive to behave like a typical hard drive enabling formatting the device with a filesystem of your choice (ext2, reiser, FAT, JFS XFS) and mounting it to a directory or in a mirrored RAID array.
Long-Term Data RetentionElasticDrive provides the unique capability of writing backups to a local disk and a remote storage systems simultaneously. The very same data could be available on-line for quick restores from a disk and off-site.
Connect to Web Based StorageElasticDrive provides the ability to connect one or more web based storage systems including Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, or even your very own storage area network!